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Focus On Style: Devotional Art

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Santos, or "bultos" as they are also known, are devotional statues which were generally carved from wood and embellished with gesso, polychrome and sometimes gold "estodfado." These figures were often vested in fine silk costumes with elaborately detailed embroideries. Much like retablos, santos were displayed and venerated in home altars and churches. The range in style is enormous, as broad as the myriad of Catholic saints which they represent Our hand selected pieces are generally dated to the 18th and 19th centuries and demonstrate a historical relationship with an old world. We appreciate the opportunity to provide enthusiasts and collectors a unique resource for one of a kind 18th and 19th century antiques from around the world.

Decorating your home is very personal. The piece must not only reflect your needs, but also your personality. We carry a wide selection of furniture and accents for both you and your home. Come see yourself in our furniture.

We also buy items and/or estates. It's best to email information and photos to: mpass33@hotmail.com

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