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Focus On Style: Pieces Of Flair

Pieces Of Flair are nothing more than a bunch of custom pinback buttons. Pinback buttons have seen a wide variety of uses in a number of different applications. One classic icon of political campaigns, for example, is the campaign button. Typically, campaign buttons are nothing more than a pinback button with a slogan or picture of the candidate seeking election.

Pinback buttons have been in use for a number of years and some are quite popular as collector’s items. A number of rock bands in the 70’s sold 1” inch pinback buttons with the band’s logo or name. This tradition has increased as more and more bands search for cheap ways to promote and advertise themselves. A visit to the local mall will inevitably bring someone face to face with a teenager who has festooned his or her hat or backpack with a number of pinback buttons supporting their favorite bands or offering an ironic comment.

Pinback buttons are easily the standard for novelty buttons, although there are some variances. According to Keith Brown of American Button Machines, one of the leading online wholesalers of button machines and related supplies, “Novelty buttons have a number of uses. They can be used as refrigerator magnets, key chains, ponytail holders, pocket mirrors, and bottle openers. Pinback buttons are available in various sizes, making them useful for a number of different applications.”

Decorating your home is very personal. The piece must not only reflect your needs, but also your personality. We carry a wide selection of furniture and accents for both you and your home. Come see yourself in our furniture.

We also buy items and/or estates. It's best to email information and photos to: mpass33@hotmail.com

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