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Selling to the European Union via e-bay

I have recently had a discussion with e-bay regarding a law that apparently exists in the European Union. Here is how the law breaks down:

Online shopping / Returning unwanted goods
7 days to cancel purchase for non-faulty goods
In the EU, you have the right to cancel your online purchase within seven working days. This seven-day "cooling off" period begins on the day when you receive your purchase. You can choose to cancel your order for any reason within this timeframe - even if you simply changed your mind. The seller must give you a refund within 30 days. This refund must include any shipping charges you paid when you made your purchase. This applies whenever you buy goods outside a shop (for example by phone, fax, or mail order, as well as on the internet). Although you have a right of refund, you will have to pay the postage costs of shipping goods bought online back to the seller.

Certain products excluded The seven-day "cooling off" period does not apply to: plane, train or concert tickets, or hotel booking , food and drink delivered to you by regular delivery (such as a milkman or supermarket delivery). . Private sales also excluded If you are purchasing goods from a private individual rather than a company, the transaction is not covered by the same consumer legislation. You do not have the legal right to change your mind within seven days of your order.

I relayed this information found HERE to the e-bay representative who stated the following:

"I have checked my resources, I have confirmed that since this site is not from our site, this cannot be applied to eBay policies.. We have our set of policies that we follow and since this site is not related to our site, this is not applicable to us."

She also referred me to the following:

United States User Agreement

United Kingdom User Agreement

What I was trying to find out from ebay was whether this law did exist and if I can proceed with a non-paying buyer claim without repercussion to the legal rights of anyone residing in the European Union. The way I read this general law is that if I sell something to someone residing within the European Union, they can change their mind on any purchase made within 7 days upon receipt and I would be out the shipping cost and fees associated with the purchasew such as those associated with listing the item and its final value which is generally 10% of the purchase price. Because I do not feel comfortable with the response given me and feel it is very vague and sounds like a legal response as to defer any responsibility in making a decision, I would like you to post your opinions regarding this.

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