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Reach a broader audience with Music

Want to reach a younger, broader customer base
while retaining that which you allready have?

I am tired of hearing the latest Oldies Station everyime I walk into an Antique or Thrift store.  There are only so many times I can be inundated with The Beatles or Blondie.  I have created a FREE jukebox below that is easy to install to your retail soundscape.  Simply attatch speakers to your PC and click any track below to start playback.  There are over 4 hours of tracks represented with no repeats or advertisements.  Playback will depend upon your Bandwith size.  I have tested this tool in several markets with nothing but praise. 

So please spare us the repetition by connecting this tool and you will find your customers lingering longer and piurchasing more.

click any track below to listen
Decorating your home is very personal. The piece must not only reflect your needs, but also your personality. We carry a wide selection of furniture and accents for both you and your home. Come see yourself in our furniture.

We also buy items and/or estates. It's best to email information and photos to: mpass33@hotmail.com

Antique Mall Of West Seattle

Space #21 in the Basement

4516 California Ave SW
Seattle, Washington 98116

Sherman Oaks Antique Mall

Space #136

14034 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


We have compiled a list of what we think

are some of the most comprehensive resources

on antiques and collectibles.


We have also made it easy for you

to purchase these books 

by providing a direct link to a sister site

where you can add these to your collection. 


Just click on the item to be taken there directly.